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Furry Hippie Beard Company Creator

The Launch Of Furry Hippie Beard Company

  • By - Gage Cross
  • 27 January, 2021

     You are about to find out about the newest, natural beard product company to hit the market, Furry Hippie Beard Co. based out of Alabama. We are beyond excited to share our facial hair expertise with the world. We NOW offer an array of wonderful products, swag, tips, tricks, and comradery.

     It all started in December 2019 with a sublime, but tangible idea. I have a beard and, well, I'm not alone. I realized I was relying on chemically-infused beard care products and let's face it, it's not natural. Like many other bearded friends, I was looking to change my beard care routine with products I could trust. So, the development of our first beard oil, Old Man’s Money, went from a plan to a physical reality. The scent is rich with hints of scotch whiskey and vanilla mixed with a cocktail of natural oils found on this beautiful Earth. And just like that, we had our first hit. But don't just listen to me, check out our reviews.

     Ready to hit the shelves, our first official month of sales was February 2020. Instantly, we knew that this company was about to take off. After we developed Old Man’s Money, we had a baseline for all our oils to come. By June 2020, different scents were being sold on our site. A new product to enhance our beard-care product line was put into development around July-August 2020. This is when we introduced beard butter to our consumers. At this point, we were expanding and sharing our brand locally. We attended local markets and engaged with great beards that were curious and excited about our products.

     Our oils are mixed with Jojoba, Argan, Sweet Almond, and Pumpkin Seed oils that fully hydrate and condition the skin underneath your facial hair and help your mane grow to its full potential. This is one of the most crucial products any serious bearded man can invest in. I say invest because a good bottle of beard oil will set the mood for your beard. Your beard should be saying: Look at Me!! Now, there are many scents to choose from that are great to showcase your personality. Our company offers six different scents starting with Old Man's Money, Groovy Grove, Wicked Grind, Twigs & Berries, Hippie Mojo and Natural (unscented version for sensitive skins or for product pairing options.) Check out our products page for more details.

     Our beard butters are mixed with the same scent profiles above and are made with all-natural ingredients from our wonderful planet. Why? 1. Because it is natural and 2. Because it is Groovy! The goal was not only to assist in shaping your beard but to find ways to also hydrate and condition your beard naturally. This is where the ultimate bearded products ideas came to prosper. Our products have the following ingredients; Shea butter, Mango, Hemp Seed, Illipe Nut butter, and even beeswax that we source from a local hive. We genuinely wanted a product that held up to the Furry Hippie name.

     We get a lot of fans that really enjoy our logo and our colors. We do too! We took the bright tie-dye colors from the sixties and transformed Mr. Hippie. We like to pop-out, so what better way than using a simple black background to let the brightness of our logo catch your eye every time you open your cabinet. This should remind you how cool and hippie you are. We placed our logo on numerous swag items too. Check the site for shirts, hoodies, mugs, socks, and even a Mr. Hippie neck gaiter suitable for all the elements.

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