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Furry Hippie, Farmers-Market and More

Furry Hippie, Farmers-Market and More

  • By - Gage Cross
  • 27 January, 2021

     I remember when we first went to a market like it was in 2020. Yes, I know 2020 😷  but hear me out, it wasn't so bad. It was late in the summer and in the midst of a global pandemic, fun times, right?. Everyone had to wear face masks in Northern Alabama, it was hot and miserable. I know, I said it wasn't a bad experience, it does gets better, I promise. We made everyone comfortable, we kept our distance, we wore our masks, and we exposed our curious customers to the great scents we already had available. We met our sales (see good experience, wink-wink) and turns out word of mouth still works, people kept coming to our kiosk to visit with us, learn and shop our products. As we grew in popularity locally, we split up into teams to cover more ground and made it to more events to share our product. We got our name out there and really interacted with all our bearded and non-bearded clients to help teach and spread the love of well-care beards and facial hair. Our most recent endeavor landed us at a holiday market, and we put together a Christmas special that really helped bring the community closer to us.

     We did not stop at the markets though. We found local stylists in the North Alabama area that were excited to share Furry Hippie with their customers and it was an instant success. Our first stylist, Cindy’s Wicked Razor Shave & Clip Joint, sold out within a month. Her customers kept returning for more. and we obliged. We picked up a second retailer, Southern General Provisions for Men, and then later, Whiskers, a Men’s hair care shop and barber. 

     With more products being released in the future, such as beard balm and moustache wax, we hope our fan market will continue to grow as well as the anticipation we have of seeing well groomed faces everywhere. We hope that you enjoy our products just as much as us! As these blogs progress, we will feature testimonies from current fans, as well as tips, tricks, and general stories that you all can connect with and feel right at home with the Furry Hippie Beard Company.

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