Old Man's Money Beard Balm 2oz.

Old Man's Money Beard Balm 2oz.

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Nothing says relaxing like an aged scotch whiskey with hints of bergamot, vanilla and cedarwood to remind you of your old man’s pad. 

Balm will have a stronger hold to help keep those unruly hairs in place.


Shea Butter - Local Beeswax - Mango Butter - Hemp Seed Butter - Jojoba Oil - Argan Oil - Sweet Almond Oil - Pumpkin Seed Oil - Fragrance.


Scoop your desired amount onto fingertip. Spread between palms and fingers for best distribution into your beard. Make sure to massage from root to tip. Comb and blow dry on a cool setting if needed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
John H.
Even beard

My beard wouldn’t get very long and I was always trimming it because it would grow lopsided. With Hippie Beard’s butter it grows more evenly and I can let it grow longer. The Beard Balm provides the same softening but also holds my mustache in place.

Crazy Chuck
Very good product

Friendly soft stubble beard nice fragrance , I recommend it product

The only stuff I can use anymore

Easily the best I have found

Nic Palehorse Nicholas
Old Man's Money

My favorite beard balm hands down. Not only is the balm great for my hair, helping to keep it soft and strong, but the scent is other worldly. The rich notes of Honey and Vanilla keep me smelling like I just left a high end speakeasy. It is the only balm I will use and I am constantly recommending it to my friends.

Doug B
Surprise from the "Camp"

I have enjoyed the product and it works well.